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COPEWELL Publications

Links, J., Schwartz, B., Lin, S., Kanarek, N., Mitrani-Reiser, J., Sell, T., Watson, C., Ward, D., Slemp, C., Burhans, R., Gill, K., Igusa, T., Zhao, X., Aguirre, B., Trainor, J., Nigg, J., Inglesby, T., Carbone, E., & Kendra, J. (2018). COPEWELL: A Conceptual Framework and System Dynamics Model for Predicting Community Functioning and Resilience After Disasters. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 12(1), 127-137.  

Schoch-Spana, M., Gill, K., Hosangadi, D., Slemp, C., Burhans, R., Zeis, J., Carbone, E. G., & Links, J. (2019). The COPEWELL Rubric: A Self-Assessment Toolkit to Strengthen Community Resilience to Disasters. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(13), 2372.  

Schoch-Spana, M., Gill, K., Hosangadi, D., Slemp, C., Burhans, R., Zeis, J., Carbone, E., & Links, J. (2019). Top-Down and Bottom-Up Measurement to Enhance Community Resilience to Disasters. American journal of public health, 109(S4), S265–S267.  

Slemp, C., Sisco, S., Jean, M., Ahmed, M., Kanarek, N., Erös-Sarnyai, M., Gonzalez, I., Igusa, T., Lane, K., Tirado, F., Tria, M, Lin, S., Martins, V., Ravi, S., Kendra, J., Carbone, E., & Links, J. (2020). Applying an Innovative Model of Disaster Resilience at the Neighborhood Level: The COPEWELL New York City Experience. Public Health Reports.  

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Kanarek, N., Wang, Q., Igusa, T., Sell, T., Cox, Z., Kendra, J., Links, J. (2022). Flood-Related Federally Declared Disaster Events and Community Functioning (COPEWELL). Climate, 10(11), 159.